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Mobile Application

Blue Pimento is working for and assisting businesses and individuals in identifying opportunities for using mobile apps as a way of supporting, improving or starting their business.

Blue Pimento works with clients on plans related to the investigation of and development of custom apps for the iOS and Android platforms, for iPhones, iPads, and the mass of other smartphones and tablets, as well as for the Microsoft and Blackberry platforms.

Blue Pimento can guide you through the entire process of custom mobile app development, including; industry analysis, needs assessment, utilization of or improvements to current systems, recommendations, planning, budgets, use of internal and external resources.

Blue Pimento can work with, become or develop your internal app development team and can work in conjunction with marketing, sales, customer service, ecommerce, design, development, purchasing and management teams.

Blue Pimento is a fully independent business and not affiliated with any app development company or other suppliers of products or services.

We have years of experience in app development, interactive production and software businesses.

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