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Dare to put your name on a project which exceeds you! — Michel Edouard Leclerc
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The future of any organisation is prescribed by its ability to innovate.

The Research & Development (R&D) services offered by Blue Pimento aim at closely observing emerging ICT technologies whilst assimilating market information in order to conceive and develop innovative solutions that could serve the industry. The Research & Development activity is conducted by people with a strong IT background that articulates emerging market ICT needs in the form of innovative research projects. Our R&D activities form an interdisciplinary center of competence on the effects, use and applications of ICT in our targeted markets.

Research projects conceived and implemented by Blue Pimento are targeted at assessing emerging technologies, monitoring industry innovations, seeking new market opportunities, initiating market research and sizing markets. Therefore research projects are geared towards documenting needs of both traditional and emerging market sectors. Based on these insights, promising business cases for innovative solutions are created and validated.

Blue Pimento has substantial experience in ICT research and development, built up during more than 10 years of active involvement. The R&D is, to a large extent, conducted in joint projects with other companies, research centers and academia and with the financial contribution of the EC.

In the past we focused on the application of information and knowledge technologies and we pursued research and development in the following areas: context and semantic knowledge handling, security, mobile wireless and IP technologies. Our recent activities include pioneering research and development efforts on the use and applicability of open source software in governmental systems and applications. We also target the use of multimedia information in public administration services as well as the application of innovative methods and technologies in on-line transactional decision support systems.